$100k USA Visa Sponsorship Opportunities in 2024/2025

Getting a visa to work in the United States is called visa sponsorship. If you’re not from the United States, you need this to work legally here. 


Your employer or the organization you work for asks the U.S. government to get you this visa.

It’s needed for people who aren’t American citizens or permanent residents.

Your employer or organization gives the government the papers it needs to support your visa or green card application.


This post will take you through the USA Visa Sponsorship Opportunities in 2024/2025.

How Can I Get Sponsorship to the USA?

Your occupation or profession decides the type of Visa sponsorship you will get to get in the US. Find out which you belong with these 6 types of visa sponsorship opportunities in the U.S: 

USA Visa Sponsorship Opportunities


Tourist or Business Visa:

  • There are two types of these visas: one for tourists and one for business. Sometimes, they are combined into one. To get this visa, you need to show the consulate that you’re only visiting temporarily and that you have enough money to cover your expenses. You also need to prove that you live outside the US. With this visa, you can’t work.

Work Visa:

  • If you want to work temporarily in the US, you need a specific visa based on what kind of work you’ll be doing. The USCIS needs to approve your application for visas like H, L, O, P, and Q.

Student Visa:

  • If you want to study in the US, the school or program you’re going to has to say okay to international students. Once they say yes, you’ll get papers to use for your student visa. You usually have about four months to start the visa process after the date on your papers. Then, you’ve got about a month to leave the country if you need to.

Religious Worker Visa:

  • If you’re working for a church or other religious group for a little while in the US, you can get an R visa.

Domestic Employee Visa:

  • If you work for someone in their house and you’re coming to the US with them, you can get a B-1 visa. This includes maids, cooks, drivers, and others who work in homes.

$100k USA Visa Sponsorship Opportunities in 2024/2025

Employers are willing to spend $100k to sponsor your visa to the US only when your skills and expertise are worth the trouble of breaking the US bureaucratic red tape. Here are some entries you can pass with:

Special job seekers requiring education:

  • H1B visa: If you’re working in a special job that needs a higher education degree or similar, this visa is for you. It’s also for fashion models with special skills and certain research and development projects.
  • H-1B1 visa: This one’s for professionals from Chile or Singapore who have studied for at least four years in their field and want to work in a special job.

Farm workers from countries of interest to the US:

  • H-2A visa: If you’re looking to do temporary farm work, this visa is for you, but only if you’re from certain countries and it’s in the US’s interest.
  • H-2B visa: Need to do non-farm temporary work? This visa is for that, but just like H-2A, it’s only for people from certain countries and only if it’s in the US’s interest.

Special trainees/ needs 

  • H-3 visa: Want to get training that’s not available in your country or want to work with children with special needs? This visa could be what you need.
  • I visa: If you’re a journalist or work in media, this visa lets you work in the US.
  • L1 visa: If your employer wants you to work in a managerial role or you have special knowledge, and you’ve worked for them outside the US for at least a year, this visa is for you.

For the Athletic Spirits:

  • P-1 visa: Athlete or entertainer? If you perform at a high level internationally, you might qualify for this visa. It also covers essential support staff.

For the entertainers:

  • P-2 visa: Are you an artist or entertainer involved in an exchange program between the US and another country? This visa is for you.

How Do I Find a Company Willing to Sponsor My Visa?

Here is how to find legit companies willing to sponsor your visa:

Looking for job options:

  • Look for companies in industries that often help people like you with visas. These could be tech, healthcare, engineering, education, or research.
  • Check websites like Indeed, LinkedIn, or the H1B Visa Sponsors Database. These places often have job postings that mention visa help. Also, see if the company websites or career pages mention anything about helping international folks like you.
  • Try smaller companies too. Big companies might have more rules, but smaller ones might be more willing to help skilled people like you, even if you’re not super experienced.


  • Go to industry events like conferences or workshops to meet potential employers or recruiters.
  • Join professional groups and connect with members who work in the field or companies you like.
  • Reach out directly to important people in companies you’re interested in. Introduce yourself on LinkedIn or email, and talk about your skills and why you want to work there with visa support.

Improve your profile:

  • Make a good resume and cover letter that shows off your skills and experience.
  • Clean up your online profiles like LinkedIn to make sure they look professional.
  • Build your skills by taking classes or getting certifications that make you a better candidate.

Get help from professionals:

  • Talk to an immigration lawyer: They can give you legal advice on which visa is right for you and help you apply.
  • Reach out to immigration agencies or career advisors: They can give you personalized advice on finding jobs and getting visa help that fits your situation.

Finding Visa Sponsorship Jobs in the USA for 2024/202

Find job opportunities for visa sponsorship to the US by following the steps below:

Job Boards:

  • Use filters on general job boards like Indeed. Look for terms like “visa sponsorship” or “H-1B” with your keywords.
  • On LinkedIn, use advanced search options to filter for jobs willing to sponsor work visas.
  • Check the “Company Benefits” section on Glassdoor for visa sponsorship info.

Visa Sponsorship Specific Boards:

  • Explore databases like H1B Visa Sponsors or Green Card USA by location, industry, or visa type.
  • Visit platforms like VisaJob or JobSearch Visa tailored for international candidates seeking US sponsorship.

Company Websites:

  • Look out for companies in your field known for sponsoring visas. Look for open positions mentioning “visa sponsorship” on their career pages.

Pro – Tips:

  • Visit the USCIS website for visa category details and potential sponsors.


#1. Can I Get a US Work Visa Without Sponsorship?

Usually, you need a job offer or investment in the US to get a work visa. But there are some exceptions, like visas for talented people or investors, and a few options for certain professionals or those with advanced skills who can show they’ll benefit the US.

#2. Can I get sponsorship without an employer for the US visa?

You can sometimes get a US work visa without needing an employer to sponsor you. For instance, there’s the Extraordinary Ability (EB-1A) visa for people with exceptional skills in areas like science, art, education, business, or sports.


Be ready for a long visa process and avoid common mistakes. This $100k USA Visa Sponsorship Opportunity in 2024/2025 is a perfect reflection to keep on track.

Don’t forget to consult immigration experts to be clear about where you might be confused.


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