Cambridge Trust Scholarship for Undergraduates and How to Apply

The Cambridge Trust gives some scholarships to students who pay Overseas fees.


These scholarships help with some of the costs of studying at Cambridge. Here, you can learn about who can apply and how to do it.

The Process

Getting money for university at Cambridge is simple if you qualify. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Find your course and College:
    • Check out the different courses at Cambridge.
  • Look into the colleges too. They’re like smaller groups at the university.
  • Find your scholarships:
    • Use the scholarship search tool to see which ones you might get.
  • Read the details carefully because some need separate applications.
  • Submit your UCAS application:
    • Fill out and send in your UCAS application before the annual deadline to get considered for money.
  • Apply for Cambridge Trust funding:
    • Once a college offers you a spot, they’ll ask if you want to apply for funding.
  • You don’t apply to the Trust directly; your college does it for you.
  • The awards process:
    • Awards are given out from March to July. Most are sorted by March or April, but some might take longer.
  • You’ll have to wait a bit, but if you’ve applied on time and got a conditional offer, you’re in the running.
  • Sorry, but they can’t tell everyone if they didn’t get the money. But if you do, they’ll let you know as soon as they can.

Cambridge Trust Scholarship


Cambridge Trust Scholarship Eligibility for Undergraduates

To qualify for undergraduate scholarships, you need to:

  • Have good grades and potential
  • Need financial help
  • If you don’t need money for Cambridge, don’t apply for a scholarship.

Cambridge Trust scholarships are for those who need financial support.

Who can apply:

  • All students, no matter where you’re from, if you pay Overseas fees, can get scholarships.
  • If you pay Home fees, you can’t.
  • UK and Irish Nationals who pay Overseas fees can apply.
  • Check the University’s website to know your fee status.

Offered Subject:

  • You can study any subject at Cambridge.

How to apply for the Cambridge Trust Scholarship

  • You can only get scholarships for studying at Cambridge.
  • Apply to the University before the deadline and get a conditional offer.


  • The Trust doesn’t decide who gets into Cambridge.
  • Meet the University’s entry requirements early.
  • If needed, take an English test soon.


  • The Trust treats everyone the same, no matter their gender, race, or anything else.
  • They pick scholars based on how well they meet the criteria.
  • Some scholarships are for specific nationalities or subjects.

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