What are Network Engineers Duties, Qualifications and Salary

Network engineers are super important in lots of companies.


You help set up networks and make sure everything works smoothly. But what exactly do you do, and is it a good job?

Let’s find out.

Skills Required for Network Engineers

To be a network engineer, you need to know:

  • Lots about networking stuff like TCP/IP.
  • How to work with network hardware like routers and switches.
  • About firewalls and keeping networks safe.
  • How cloud networking works and how to automate things.
  • How to fix tricky network problems.
  • Ability to communicate tech ideas to a non-tech-savvy person.
  • How to manage your time well.

Network Engineers

Where Do Network Engineers Work

You can work for big companies, small ones, or even the government. 

Your job is to set up and look after networks.


You might also help with IT support.

Daily Tasks

Every day, you might:

  • Plan and set up networks.
  • Keep an eye on network traffic and fix any issues.
  • Work with other teams, like IT support.
  • Make sure network hardware and software are working right.
  • Keep networks safe from bad guys.
  • Do regular maintenance and updates.

How Network Engineers are Different from Software Engineers

You focus on setting up and looking after networks, while software engineers make software.

To Become a Network Engineer, you should consider one or all of the following:

  • Get a degree in computer science or something similar.
  • Get some experience through internships or entry-level jobs.
  • Take online courses to learn more.
  • Connect with other people in the field.
  • Find someone to mentor you.
  • Start working in entry-level jobs to build your career.

Specializations of Network Engineers 

You can specialize in things like cloud networking, network security, or wireless networking.

Network Engineers Salary

Here’s a breakdown of the average yearly salaries for different roles and locations:

In the USA

  • Network Engineer: Around $90,809 per year.
  • Cloud Network Architect: About $101,884 per year.
  • Network Security Specialists: Approximately $81,008 per year.
  • Wireless Network Engineer: Around $74,142 per year.

In the UK

  • The average annual salary for network engineers is approximately $59,914.

In Canada

  • The average yearly salary for network engineers is about $58,887.

In Australia

  • Network engineers earn around $67,396 per year on average.


Network Engineering is a great job if you love tech stuff and problem-solving.

You need to keep learning, but it can be rewarding both money-wise and in other ways. Keep learning about new tech stuff to stay ahead.


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